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40 Years of Experience

Introduced in 1992, the J105 is the most successful modern one-design keelboat class over 30' in the world. There are J105 one design class starts in virtually all major sailing centers across the United States and several in Europe. There are approximately 700 boats and 25 fleets worldwide. The strict owner driver and amateur crew member requirements has helped make this class a huge success. Doyle PB J105 sails are winning throughout the country. When you want to put in a winning performance in your J105, we have the perfect sailmaking expert: Paul Beaudin, based at Doyle Sails NYC located on the Long Island Sound.


Paul starting sailing sprit boats in the 1980s by inventing the modern sprit cruiser/racing with a modified sprit installed on his Kiwi 35 Adrenalin Again. This was the first boat to be rated to sail in Handicap Fleets with an Asymmetric Spinnaker on a retractable sprit in 1987. He started sailing J105s when they were introduced and purchased his own J105 ‘loulou’ in 2010. He is very active in the class, holding leadership positions such as past class president and Fleet 6 captain. He is an avid, successful racer who is always happy to share his knowledge of the sport with others to enable their success as well.


Sharing the true secrets

of winning sailboat races.

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